September 19, 2021

Understanding Repentance – The Importance of Repentance

September 19, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair starts a short message series “Understanding Repentance” with “The Importance of Repentance”

Today I start a series of messages called UNDERSTANDING REPENTANCE.  Let me just say this is going to be a very short series because I am sure that this particular topic will not be popular with many of us.
Repentance is difficult.  No one wants to think about it.  No one wants to contemplate it.  No one wants to do it very often, and we certainly don’t want to hear a big, long sermon series on it.
One of my favorite theologians, the late philosopher and pastor R. C. Sproul said that “…the Biblical concept of repentance is central to all of scripture, old testament as well as new.”  So it is important that we understand what repentance is.