September 26, 2021

Understanding Repentance – The WHY

September 26, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair shares “The WHY”, the second in the series “Understanding Repentance”

Last week, I began a series called UNDERSTANDING REPENTANCE.
These days, people don’t want to hear about repentance because they would rather hear about God’s grace and forgiveness than to recall their own sin and sinfulness.  It is one of the objectives of this series to show that God’s love, grace, and forgiveness are meaningfully attached to our repentance.
In other words, we cannot experience the grace of God, or the forgiveness of God, or even the relationship with God without repentance.

The devil condemns through accusation.
The Holy Spirit convicts through persuasion.
Therefore, repentance is not something to be avoided but rather embraced.