September 12, 2021

Take Aim

September 12, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair shares the message “Take Aim”

Other than Jesus Christ himself, I cannot think of another person who accomplished as much in his life for God than the Apostle Paul.  As Rick said last week from this pulpit, Paul planted churches all over the world.  He wrote more books of the New Testament than any other person.  He is one of if not the most influential men of all history, except, of course for the God-Man, Jesus.
What was the reason for his success and legacy that endures to this day?  I believe that is was that he took proper aim with his life.  You can hear it, you could see it, you could sense it in the scripture text I just read this morning.  He was straining with the bow to hit the goal.  His life, a trajectory toward which God had called him to.
Today, I want to look at this message in two parts.  I want to look first at Paul’s four great aims.  In our text, he talks about the four aims of his life.  Then I want to conclude by giving us some hints or some practical applications.  How we can take aim with our own life.