September 5, 2021

Finish Well

September 5, 2021 – Guest Speaker and author Rick McDaniel shares the message “Finish Well”

The events of these last few weeks in Afghanistan have been stunning to witness and to see, with all of the news we have available to us online and just seeing all of these images.  And then having thirteen of our service members killed.  And then the people that escaped.  And then those left behind; it’s just been drama!  It’s been a scene.
The thing that has struck me more than anything else and I think the majority of America, well I know polling will tell us that the majority of Americans feel the same way is that we are shocked by what has taken place.  That really what started well hasn’t ended well.  That we didn’t finish well.  That’s not really how we want to finish.
And it has really grabbed a hold of me to the point that I said, “I’m going to create this brand new message.”  And I said, “Pastor Barry, I’d really like to share it with your people, on finishing well.”

What does it mean to Finish Well?