August 5, 2019

Stuck on Repeat

August 4, 2019 – Tammy Herzig shares the message “Stuck on Repeat”

How many of you have ever said any of these words to yourself?

  • “I will never do that again!”
  • “I will never procrastinate on a project ever again.”
  • “Never again will I buy generic toilet paper!”
  • “Never will I ever again engage in a political fight on social media.”
  • “I will never eat at WhiteCastle again.”
  • And never will I ever again buy another pair of pants that don’t have at least a little bit of Spandex in them.”

Years ago I heard this quote, and I don’t remember who said it or where I heard it, but the quote was, “Wise people learn from their mistakes.  Really wise people learn from other people’s mistakes.”  
I’d like to say I have always been a really wise person, but the reality is I have had to learn a lot of lessons the really hard way.  So many times in my life, I have gotten stuck on repeat…