Men’s Ministry


We are leaders, protectors, providers, and humbled by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  

As husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, professionals, and ministers, we know the weight of our call in the kingdom of Heaven. We also know that God places us in brotherhood with other men because iron sharpens iron. We are His warriors. When we are under attack, we hold each other up and bear one another’s burdens. We will not be subdued. 

The men’s ministry at Tiffany Fellowship Church focuses on developing a strong relationship with Jesus in the company of other men. We are proud to be men of God. We serve in our strengths and disciple each other with studies aimed to build our faith and our character.  

It is our honor as sons of the Living God to submit to Him, love our wives, lead our families, and defend the cause of Christ until His return. 

Check out the events calendar for upcoming men’s ministry events. 

Dave Hintz

Dave Hintz

Marriage & Care Pastor

He is a coach. Using the same techniques as an athlete, Dave encourages people through difficult circumstances and to greater strength in their marriages.