TFC Dave Hintz

Dave Hintz

Marriage & Care Pastor

He is coach. Using the same techniques as an athlete, Dave encourages people through difficult circumstances and to greater strength in their marriages. He helps people find hope they didn’t know they had and push harder than they ever thought they could by relying on God.  

He joined our staff full-time in 2016 and became fully credentialed with the Assemblies of God in 2019. He is the beating heart of our marriage, men’s, and care ministries. He and his wife, Grace Ann, have been married more than 30 years and their testimony inspires our marriage ministry. We are so thankful for them.  

Dave loves the mountains. Everything from training and hiking, to the visual evidence of God’s workmanship etched in the horizon energizes him. It’s not unlike his team’s journey to the Superbowl. This guy bleeds red and gold for his Kansas City Chiefs – even in the off season. Life is a journey, but Jesus is our strength to thrive.