September 16, 2019

Why We Do Missions

September 15, 2019 – Pastor Barry Clair shares “Why We Do Missions”

We don’t do this because it’s cool.  We don’t do it because it’s tradition.  We don’t support missions because we’ve always done it.  We dont’t do it because we feel guilty for all the wealth and prosperity that we have.  We don’t do it because we feel sorry for or superior to other nations of the world.  We don’t do it because we want to export the American Dream or American style democracy abroad.  We don’t do that.  We don’t it because we hate other religions.  We don’t do it for that purpose.  And we don’t do it out of fear of punishment.  And we don’t do it to earn God’s reward to earn our Salvation.  That’s not why we do missions.  We don’t do missions because we have to out of duty or drudgery.

Why then, you might ask, why then do we do missions?  And that’s what I want to talk to you about for the next few moments today.