March 15, 2021

The Final Journey Ends – Worst Week Ever

March 14, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair begins the second part of The Final Journey series, “The Final Journey Ends”, with the message called “Worst Week Ever”

Today I begin Volume 2 of THE FINAL JOURNEY series.
In this Volume, we will look at the last week of Jesus earthly life before His death, burial, and resurrection.  It is commonly called the Passion Week, or Holy Week.  It begins with the Sunday of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.  It ends 8 days later with the Sunday of His resurrection.
Today’s message is titled, Worst – Week – Ever.
Have you ever had a bad week?  The seven days before Jesus’ resurrection were…well, I’d say the WORST WEEK EVER.  It was unprecedented.  I’m not sure any of us mortals could take it.  But we can learn from it.