May 18, 2020

The Other Side of Prayer – Discerning God’s Voice

May 17, 2020 – Pastor Barry Clair continues the series “The Other Side of Prayer” with the message “Discerning God’s Voice”

Last week, I began a series called THE OTHER SIDE OF PRAYER.  I started the series by saying that, “If petitioning is one side of prayer, then perceiving or listening is the other side of prayer.”  Prayer is a two-sided coin.  One side is talking to God the other side is hearing from God.

Last week, we examined one of the Bible’s most iconic characters Job, who found himself in a personal crisis.  He heard a Word from God in the speech of his young friend Elihu who said, “God is constantly speaking in many different ways, you are just not perceiving.”

Today, we will look at another of the Bible’s iconic characters the prophet Elijah who was in a desperate situation in desperate need of a Word from God.