June 27, 2021

Hearing God’s Voice – In His Word

June 27, 2021 – Pastor Barry continues the series “Hearing God’s Voice” with the message “In His Word”

We are in the middle of a series today in the series called “Hearing God’s Voice”.  Today, we are going to examine a very famous passage of scripture that illustrates perfectly what I’ve been saying over the last several weeks.
In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus in the wilderness is being tempted.  He was lead there by the Spirit, and we are going to read this in just a minute.  The devil was trying to isolate, alienate, and devastate Jesus faith.  This is what he is doing so effectively to us in these days.  An alarming amount of people today are becoming “exvangelicals” falling victim to the devil who is prowling around the fringes of the church to prey on the weak, the tempted, and the disillusioned.
He is literally causing them to de-construct their faith.  This is what is happening in our world today.