May 5, 2019

Friending God – Friend of Jesus

May 5, 2019 – Pastor Barry Clair shares the New Series “Friending God” with the message “Friend of Jesus”

It’s been over 14 years since that hit sitcom, “Friends,” shut down production of new episodes.  But it has not stopped its appeal or diminished its popularity, or lessened its financial growth.  What makes the show so enduring, I think everyone of us can relate in some way, shape, or form to one or more of the characters on that show.  I think what makes the show so enduring is we all want a tight, enduring, band of close friendships to grow up with and to grow up around.

We are in a series of messages that I am calling Friending God, and we are taking a deep look at whether that can even happen, is that something that is even available?  And if so, how?  What would it look like?  How would it function?

Today, I want to turn our focus to Jesus.