February 7, 2019

Fair Trade, Pt.1 – The Immediate for the Ultimate

February 3, 2019 – Pastor Barry Clair starts a new series of messages called “Fair Trade” with message “The Immediate for the Ultimate”

How many of you like to get a great deal?  I don’t think anyone likes to pay more for a product or service than they should.

For centuries, the Western developed countries of the world have exploited underdeveloped, impoverished countries by taking their natural resources or products at pennies and selling them for dollars.  Often the developing countries have the superior product, such as coffee beans, [that] are grown in some of the most exotic places in the world.  Because these small farmers don’t have access to major markets, they are forced to sell them at bargain basement prices.

The ‘Fair Trade’ movement has been trying to correct this inequity throughout the world.  These ‘Fair Trade’ companies are buying the product at an economically fair price.  A fair trade, then, is a bargain between two entities that allows both parties to profit.

Sometimes, however, we profit at the expense of another.  This series attempts to use this concept in a spiritual way.