August 19, 2019

Conversations on Prayer – Transactional or Relational? Pt 2

August 18, 2019 – Pastor Barry Clair shares the message “Transactional or Relational? Part 2” in the series “Conversations on Prayer”

Last Sunday I begin a new series called “Conversations on Prayer.”  Before I read our Bible text again from the Scripture, I want to remind you of a quote that I opened the message with last week, and I just want to read a part of that quote from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who in the middle 1800’s pastored the largest church in the world.  I’ve cut the quote down a little bit, just to refresh us on that.  He said, and I quote,

‘…If God is near a church, it must pray.  If he is not, one of the obvious signs of His absence will be lethargy in prayer.’

I so believe that statement to the core of my spirit.  As the pastor of this church, I am constantly aware that if we fail as a church to fulfill our God-given mission of going deeper, calling you into a deeper relationship with God, and if we fail to pray, then we fail!