September 6, 2020

Cancel Culture – Uncancellable

September 6, 2020 – Pastor Barry Clair shares “Uncancellable” the third message in the series “Cancel Culture”

Today is the third installment of a series I’m calling CANCEL CULTURE.  God help us here at Tiffany Fellowship Church to resist this harmful social trend in our country that is seeping into church culture.
“Cancel Culture” is a term used to describe the recent movement that has resulted in people being judged by peers and by the public for troubling things that they are reported to have said, especially on social media.  You know, no one is perfect.  We are all flawed people who have said and done things in the past for which we are sorry.  But for cancel culture, no apology is good enough, no humility is contrite enough.  Cancel Culture excels at two things only, condemnation and shame.  And the more the merrier.