October 11, 2021

Believing & Belonging

October 10, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair shares the message “Believing & Belonging”

One of the biggest lies that our culture tells us today, and that we as Christians fall for, is that faith is a private matter… IT IS NOT!
I know that offends some people.  They’ve bought the lie that says, “My faith is MY business alone!”  The Bible teaches something quite different.
The Biblical pattern is that spiritual rebirth results not in private believing but rather public belonging.  Spiritual birth results in community.
In Acts Chapter 2 we see 120 individual believers assembled in the upper room, practicing their private faith and suddenly the Holy Spirit falls.  Now that 120 becomes 3,120.  In one day, the church goes from being a loose bunch of followers of Christ into a tightly bound body of Christ.  They move beyond the simple belief and something quite extraordinary is born.
Let me remind you and in fact, warn you, that it takes more than just simple belief to get into heaven, it takes believing and belonging.
Your faith is NOT a private matter. If you are saved, you belong.