January 18, 2021

ALERT – Pay Attention To Production

January 17, 2021 – Pastor Barry Clair continues in the series “ALERT” with the message “Pay Attention To Production”

Over the last year, we have experienced a shaking that has threatened to upend every external pillar of stability we have leaned upon!
Leaders and institutions that were icons of strength and sturdiness, have proven weak and vulnerable.
Many of us are looking around in shock and bewilderment unsure of what we should be doing during this time.  Should we cling to traditional anchors that now seem to be dragging?  Or should we let go of those and grasp ahold of some other source of security?
Should we boldly venture out or should we cautiously hunker down?
In this series, we are examining what is called the Olivet Discourse, a passage of Scripture in which Jesus warns His disciples what it will be like in the last days and how they should act during that time.