I Build the Church

We’re partnering with God to raise $1,265,000 to update our building.



Church is more than a Sunday service, but these days even a Sunday service is more than it used to be. People connect with
the church in multiple ways. From events, online broadcasts, or simply by walking in the door, we’re creating a place that meets people where they are.


In case you’re new or haven’t noticed, at Tiffany Fellowship Church we really like each other. Alright, we love each other. It can get pretty crowded around here and some of us need personal space. Expanding our common areas will make those people a little more comfortable and give us space to do more fellowship.


With a mission like go deeper, it’s no surprise that we care about discipleship. Currently, our church has many ministries and a few that want to start, but they need a place to meet. By repurposing unusable space we can provide better resources for ministries and go deeper together.


It’s kind of a buzzword, but it’s serious especially when it comes to our kids. Over the years we’ve done our best to incorporate security measures in the children’s department. We’re making it a top priority. This project is giving us the opportunity to make their area safer and as a result more comfortable for visiting families.