TFC Rosemarie Clair

Rosemarie Clair

Women’s Ministry Leader

She is audacious. Rosemarie isn’t satisfied with the status quo. She is bold in pursuit of God and refuses to waste her time on this Earth. For her, everyone and everything have potential and she’s not shy about saying so. Because she sees the glass more than half full, there is always room at her table.

For a long time, her ministry focused on women, to help them realize the powerful and protective love of their Heavenly Daddy. As her passion to see people shake off the lies that limit them grew, her ministry influence expanded. She serves the church as a full-time volunteer. If we listed out all of the things that Rosemarie does for us, we’d literally run out of internet – she’s that awesome.

We affectionately call her Mrs. Claus. Not because Pastor Barry is leading some kind of Northpole double-life, although a love of Christmas is something they share. It’s not even because she watches White Christmas all the time and has a garage full of decorations that could rival a Hobby Lobby warehouse. We call her Mrs. Claus because, like the reformed Mr. Scrooge, she honors Christmas in her heart and keeps it alive all the year. That and, she makes lots of yummy treats!