Patrick Daniels

He has vision. Patrick’s ministry tenure and military service have all been preparing him for this – these days and our young people. He’s fond of saying that youth are the Church now. His heart is all about preparing kids to follow Christ while balancing their active role in the mission of the Church today.

As their youth pastor, his plan is to help them identify their God-given purpose and cultivate a passion for their Savior. How? By building solid foundations that will set the course for the rest of their lives. He focuses on giving youth the tools they need for a personal relationship with Jesus and working with parents to disciple their kids daily.

With three kids, one headed into his teenage years, Patrick and his wife, Ashley, know the real-life work of raising Godly kids. They also know the joy. Patrick will be the first to tell you his favorite way to spend his time is with his family. The Daniels family are avid park people and love trying out new ones with new challenges. And, if it’s raining, it’s obviously an opportunity for a Star Wars marathon.