TFC Duane Cilke

Duane Cilke

Small Groups Pastor

He is a champion. It only takes two-minutes with Duane to know he is in your corner – he doesn’t just stand there either. His passion is in seeing people realize their God-given potential. He wants to actively participate, serve, and encourage leaders as they grow in their calling.

Duane is committed to lifelong learning. Not only does he have a Masters in Education from Western Illinois University, he also started and ran a Christian school. His combined expertise and experience make him an amazing resource for our church and ministry leaders. He is always encouraging us to greater faith and we are better for it.

He and his wife Marilyn met during their undergraduate studies at Evangel University and have been together ever since. At first glance, you’d think Duane likes to spend his free time reading complex literature with a steaming cup of coffee – because he does. But once you think you have him figured out, he’ll shock you with his neon thread sneakers and play-on-words humor. You’ll learn.