TFC Brittanee Coulter

Brittanee Coulter

Youth Pastor

She is loyal. When it comes to leading teenagers to experience the love, grace, and joy of a relationship with Christ, one of the greatest things a person can do is remain present. Through the ups and the downs, Brittanee has been a constant member of our youth ministry for more than 15 years. #loyalty

From a participant to peer-leader, then from co-pastor to now the youth pastor, Brittanee has experienced how God graciously calls us a little bit deeper as we reach the fullness of our calling. Her passion for helping kids own their faith and take it into the next phase of their lives is making a difference in a generation. She inspires us.

Music is one of her greatest passions. We’re all trying to figure out what her furniture is pointed at because she doesn’t have a TV in her living room. There just isn’t room with all the instruments. She’ll also tell you that she’s pretty competitive and loves a good board game – so watch out. You’ve been warned.