TFC Audra Clair

Audra Novotny

Financial Administrator & Executive Assistant to Pastor Barry

She’s one of kind. Audra came on staff in 2009 as a pastoral assistant. Her passion is in meeting people where they are. As a result, her role has grown over the years to include coordinating the prayer chain, serving as the financial administrator, and executive assistant to Pastor Barry.

Audra wears a lot of hats and is an integral piece of ministry at our church. When people call, she answers. Not because it is her job, but because God has given her a servant’s heart. Her calling is to fill in the gaps so that others can thrive in what they’re called to – we couldn’t be more grateful.

Her niece says she looks like the Starbucks siren, but it might be object association because Audra’s usually carrying one of their cups. Audra’s frequent coffee habits paid off in 2016, when she was introduced to her now husband by her barista. She and her husband love to travel and spend time out on their porch together. It should probably be a Hallmark movie because it really is as cute as it sounds.