Easter Egg Activities for the Family

Easter Egg Activities for the Family


🌋 Volcano Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Suncatcher

🖌 Watercolor Surprise Easter Egg

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The egg is three parts in one similar to the Trinity.

Celebrating the Resurrection shows us that, from the beginning, Father God was planning for the ultimate redemption of humanity. He sent His Son, Jesus, to Earth so that we might know Him. Jesus’ life was the sinless sacrifice needed to restore humanity to their intended position with God. Jesus’ death fulfilled the law and secured the promises of new, better covenant.

Three days later, He rose again fulfilling every prophecy ever made about Him. He left the first-century church with the living active presence of the Holy Spirit before He ascended into Heaven. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live in our inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God until we are reunited in Heaven with God our Father.

The egg has little to do with Easter at first glance. But if we look a little deeper we can see it as an opportunity to remember our God is three in one. A holy, united trinity that is constantly working toward one goal – closeness with the creation He adores.