Stand Firm Part 3 "...In the Truth of the Resurrection"

November 19, 2017 - Pastor Barry Clair continues with Part 3 of the Series "Stand Firm" with the message "... In the Truth of the Resurrection".
So far, we have talked about the Scriptural imperative to stand firm in the faith of the Gospel.  We talked about the fact that John tells us to stand firm in the deity of Jesus Christ.  Today, we learn from the Apostle Paul.
Let me start out with a quick question today, How much faith does it take to be saved?  I mean, what do you have to believe in before that belief results in Salvation?  How much faith is the minimum faith?  What can we get away with NOT believing?   Have you ever wondered that?  What if we get it a little bit wrong but on most things we get it right?
Well, today, in an indirect way, we will try to answer that question.  We will try to get down to just the essentials of faith.