Living Up: When Life Is Getting You Down - Pt. 3

November 18, 2018 - Pastor Barry Clair continues with Part 3 of the series "Living Up: When Life Is Getting You Down".

Many Christians believe that being a believer in Jesus entitles them to a life of happiness, prosperity, and success.  And if they are not living at the top of the world, either God is mad at them, or He's not real, or He's not doing His job.

That's how a lot of Christians feel, and that's what a lot of Christians believe.  They fail to understand that everyone faces forces inside and outside themselves that conspire to steal their happiness, kill their prosperity, and destroy their success.  These inward and outward forces attack with unrelenting force and threaten to tear down even the spiritually strong.

Today, we are going to turn to Elijah, one of the greatest Prophet's of the Old Testiment.  So great was Elijah that the Scripture tells us that He didn't even die, but he was transported to Heaven in a chariot of fire while still alive!  Elijah was one of the most POWERFUL figures in the Old Testiment, and yet he suffered from debilitating anxiety and fear, and even panic.