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A Man You Can Follow - Part 4 - Forgiveness - Part 2

June 17, 2018 - Senior Pastor Barry Clair continues the series "A Man You Can Follow" with part 2 of the message "Forgiveness"

Joshua Rogers, a christian blogger, who in a recent post that was picked up by the Fox News Network yesterday, recounts a memory of telling his dad off for years and years of failure as a father.  And he says in the article that

"...the pressure of unforgiveness was building up inside of me until I finally blew up one night
I told him off, recounting every failure like I was a prosecutor in a closing arguement."

Then he talks about his fathers response, which just blew him away.  His father responded with a sincere apology.  Then he writes about how it affected him.  He writes, and I quote,

"Dads genuine contrition took the fun out of holding offenses against him.  In choosing weakness, his love became stonger than my hurt.  All of us dads have damaged our kids in some way, and those father wounds run deep."

Today, we're going to continue talking about following Jesus in the way of forgiveness.



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