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Pray - Part 2 - "The Prayer Discipline"

January 14, 2018 - Pastor Barry Clair continues the series "PRAY" with the second installment entitled "The Prayer Discipline"
Last week, I started this series simply called "Pray".  And for the first twenty-one days of 2018, I am calling our church to a heightened attention and stronger commitment to prayer.
Motivation for this series comes from one of my favorite theologians, R. C. Sproul, who says in his book "Does Prayer Change Things?" He says,

"One may not be a Christian and pray, but one cannot be a Christian and not pray."
Prayer then is crucial to the authentic follower of Christ.  We all need to push ourselves in the area of prayer.  Why?  Because prayer is hard!
Prayer requires more physical, mental, and emotional energy investment than most of the other spiritual disciplines.



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