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Stand Firm Part 4

Stand Firm Part 4 "...In Belief and Behavior"

November 26, 2017 - Pastor Barry Clair continues with Part 4 of the Series "Stand Firm" with the message "... In Belief And Behavior".
Let me start out with a rhetorical question today, Is it possible to believe something completely and yet act totally opposite of that belief?  Now I believe the answer to that question is Yes.
You can believe completely, for instance, that walking on very thin ice will result in breaking through, sinking to the bottom and result in your drowning, and do it anyway.  It's possible.
You can believe that rejecting Jesus your whole life will result in spending eternity in hell after you die, and do it anyway.  It is possible.
So, let me ask you a little bit of a different question, let's tune this up a little bit.  What do we call someone who believes something completely and yet acts totally opposite of that belief?  Isn't there something fundamentally wrong with that person?  I certainly think so.  And that's what we're going to talk about a little bit today.



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