Don't get it Twisted - Not More Than I Can Bear

July 14, 2019 - Pastor Barry Clair continues the series "Don't get it Twisted" with the message "Not More Than I Can Bear"

We are in the middle of a series called 'Don't get it Twisted.'  We're looking at certain passages of the Bible that we twist to make them fit with our preconceived theories, or our misinformed opinions.  Sometimes we, especially in our culture today because we are so filled with pride, even preachers, we think we are smarter than the Bible.  That we can pick-and-choose the verses to apply to our lives, and other verses we can say, "Well, that's not relevant anymore."  And certainly, we need to interpret the Scriptures in reliable, trustworthy ways.

One of the ways that Scripture gets twisted is by the use of the term called "Proof-texting."



Don't get it Twisted! - I Can Do All Things

July 7, 2019 - Pastor Barry Clair continues the series "Don't get it Twisted" with the message "I Can Do All Things"

Most of you, I would wager, have Philippians 4:13 memorized.  You've seen it on tee-shirts, you've seen it on tattoos, you've seen it on coffee mugs, you've seen it on picture frames.  In this series, we are taking a look at what happens when people take a verse from the sacred text and misinterpret, misunderstand, misapply, and misuse it.  Some practice this form of what I call exegetical malpractice for honorable reasons such as citing a scripture to back up their belief about a moral issue.  That practice is called proof-texting, and sometimes that can get us into trouble because we think on face-value, the scripture applies to what we are talking about and oftentimes it doesn't.

Some practice exegetical malpractice for malevolent reasons such as attempting to intentionally mislead people for personal gain or to obfuscate the Word of God.  Whatever the reason, text-jacking is a phenomenon that is all too common in Christianity today.



Don't get it Twisted - Judge Not!

June 30, 2019 - Pastor Barry Clair starts the new series "Don't get it Twisted" with the message "Judge Not!"

Turn with me to Matthew chapter 7.  Over the next several week, I'm going to examine some Biblical passages that are often misunderstood, misapplied, mismanaged, and misused.  Oftentimes, people use the Bible to proof-text their life.  "I'm going to do this one certain thing, let me go to the Bible and make sure I can find a Scripture verse to back up what I've already decided to do."  And oftentimes, that's how we get the word of God twisted!

But God has spoken for Himself...