JOY, Part 4 - Enjoying Prayer

January 13, 2019 - Pastor Barry Clair brings the fourth message in the series called "JOY" with message "Enjoying Prayer"

This is the week that we at Tiffany Fellowship Church have set aside for prayer and fasting.  I believe it is always important to begin the year with a dedicated time of consecration.  I think it is important for us to come together in connected community for prayer.  To that end, I'd like to talk today about prayer as it relates to joy.

For some of us, prayer is sometimes nothing more than just a 911 call to heaven.  We want God on our speed-dial, but many of us don't want to devote too much time to the work of prayer.  And let's face it, we're much more motivated when there is an emergency...



JOY, Part 3 - The Foundation

January 6, 2019 - Pastor Barry Clair brings the third message in the series called "JOY" with message "The Foundation"

Today, I'm going to continue in the New Year the theme with which I ended the old year; JOY.  For the next several weeks, I'm going to focus our attention on Biblical joy.



JOY, Part 2

December 24, 2018 - Pastor Barry Clair presents the second half of the message "JOY".

Yesterday, from this very spot, I put forth a thesis.  I believe that the bible teaches very clearly that every Christian should have Joy.

God has given His people every tool for Joyful living.



JOY, Part 1

December 23, 2018 - Pastor Barry Clair presents part 1 of the message "JOY".

Today I'm going to begin a two-part message.  I'm going to being the first part today and finish it up real quick tomorrow evening.

Let me begin by asking you a question.  When I say the words 'Christmas' and 'Jesus', what words come to mind?  If we really think about it, there are often at least four words that are most always associated with 'Jesus' at 'Christmas'.  They are Love, Peace, Hope, and of course Joy.

And I would submit that the number one word associated with Jesus at Christmas is Joy.  In fact, JOY is a cultural icon of Christmas.



What DID Mary Know?

December 16, 2018 - Pastor Barry Clair presents the message "What DID Mary Know?".

There is a great song that, at the risk of being overplayed, has entered into Christmas Carol status.  The song is called Mary Did You Know?'ll hear it a bunch this season, but it includes some lyrics that are very ponderable.  For instance: "Mary did you know...

  • This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you?

  • When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God?

  • That sleeping child you're holding is the great I Am?


Well lately, I began to ask the question, What DID Mary know?  That's what I'd like to try to answer this morning...